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Are we as Australians switched off to improving our communication skills, especially around difficult conversations and emotional intelligence?
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A Lack of Awareness or She’ll be Right Mate?

A Lack of Awareness or She’ll be Right Mate?

This blog is written mainly for Australian readers but for those of you in other countries, it may give you insight into the Aussie psyche.

We can have a tendency in Australia to say she’ll be right mate.

…that is, until it isn’t right, and something breaks.

Historically, Australian men have been very good at doing this with their health and relationships and Aussie women can be pretty stoic too. We generally soldier on.

But what about business? How is the health of your business in terms of staff engagement?
How many people in your business are actively disengaged due to poor feedback and communication skills from managers? 37% according to a 2012 Gallup poll on the subject.

Is this also affecting customer engagement?

What could it do for your business if these people were re-engaged?… if your managers could get these skills for FREE? (Find out how below)

Australia has only 7.5% of the population of the United States.

If I take that ratio and apply it to the sales of my book Emotional Judo®: Communication Skills to Handle Difficult Conversations and Boost Emotional Intelligence, then my sales in Australia should be proportionate. But despite getting Best-Seller status here in Australia on Amazon, sales are disproportionate to the ratio. They have been and are about half that.

On top of that I have been posting on LinkedIn and Facebook (boosting posts) in Australia. That should mean more interest but alas my rankings have recently slid here in Oz, whereas the book still has its Best-Seller status in the US.

Is it a case of she’ll be right mate, or do we just not have a need for difficult conversation skills and emotional intelligence in Australia?

For the past sixteen years, most Australian managers I have trained, have nominated some of the skills in this book as being their most significant learnings and highly needed resources. Prior to that, when I was in private practice, many of these skills would help people save their personal and family relationships.

Of course, it simply could be that people who have a need are unaware, or they are unaware that they don’t need a kindle to read an eBook; they can be read on any device. (There is also a physical option).

What if your managers knew better ways to feed back to keep staff engaged but were also prepared for the seven sneaky tricks people do when involved in important, high stakes conversations?

Even though it doesn’t help my sales on Amazon, I still stand behind Emotional Judo® as a resource, and I want to give you two mini-books for FREE.

Get the FREE book Emotional Judo®: 7 Sneaky Tricks of Difficult Conversations and the link to its FREE companion Emotional Judo®: EASE for Difficult Conversations. HERE

If you like the info perhaps you might buy the whole book. Happy reading!

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