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Book Reviews

  • Kindle CustomerKindle Customer
    This book did help me learn tools so I could fine tune my communication skills. Now I can communicate in a more positive, constructive manner.
  • Marie IncontreraMarie Incontrera
    A great read on emotional intelligence. Great work, Tim Higgs!
  • Stephanie NicholsStephanie Nichols
    This book was easy to read and implement. It can be applied to many different situations in life and it taught me how to keep my cool when my emotions get high. I would recommend anyone read this book. Great book!
  • lione pullinenlione pullinen
    In my profession part of my role is to act as mediator between various parties when conflict arises. Emotional Judo provided me with simple and insightful tools to utilize not only professionally but in my personal life as well. I'll be recommending this book to all of my team.
  • Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer
    I liked the different insights in terms of looking at positions of power, significance, and communicating efficiently through different situations! The tone of the book seemed a little too serious, wish it was a little more light of heart!
  • NancyNancy
    Really beautifully written. A great guide and reminder to handle difficult situations and discussions...for the office, personal relationships...and difficut family members. Really enjoyed it!
  • Laura MacfarlaneLaura Macfarlane
    This book is an invaluable resource for improving the way you communicate in both your personal and professional relationships. Even though I have always considered myself an adroit communicator, this book motivated me to be more conscious of how I get my point across and how I react to others when they are doing the same. The author uses anecdotes that are easy to relate to and underlines that all our interactions with others are worthy of being conscious of.
  • Anita O.Anita O.
    Relationships are inevitable. Tim Higgs provides a good roadmap, a step-by-step guide, that helps you problem solve effectively and navigate through those difficult conversations in personal or professional relationships. I love the way he highlights the primary need for “significance” as a key element in relationships. His 20+ years of professional experience comes to life through the pages of this book with real life case studies, personal examples charts and acronyms. This book is a good reference guide that outlines specific techniques that helps you interact with different personality types and situations.
  • Kathy JourdainKathy Jourdain
    Tim Higgs provides a clear roadmap (or several) to handle common communication challenges that get in the way of relationship and effectiveness. He gives concrete examples of how to work with the roadmaps he provides and he offers both personal and professional examples of how to work with the strategies and techniques he offers. He doesn't just talk about approaches he also adds in different kinds of resistance you might encounter and how to work with that information too. It is a fluid read and I would recommend it for a variety of people and work settings I am familiar with. And he's not afraid to use his own personal experiences and stories to give you insight.
  • SabSab
    This is one of the smartest ways to think about communication skills! I have read many books on communication but this is such a fresh take! Judo is the perfect analogy because it inspires strength, respect, and discipline. I wish all therapists were so creative! If you want a modern take on communication you will not be disappointed!
  • VeraDCVeraDC
    Our personal and professional lives require good communication skills; people matter and working together to create harmonious relationships is a must. I am planning to buy this book for several family members and colleagues in the near future.
  • JaclynJaclyn
    As someone who is always trying to be a better communication and who feel like sometimes she doesn't speak up as much as she's like to, this book was an incredible wealth of information. I love the way Tim explores one of our primary needs of significance, and how he gives a number of tools with easy to remember acronyms for addressing challenging interactions. I pride myself on being an empathetic person as well and I feel like I have tools now to be empathetic in a way that feels good and still honors where the other person is at. I took page of notes and plan on keeping this book as a reference tool for challenges that come up where I'd like to strengthen my ability to find resolution while still using my voice.
  • Tjay BagwellTjay Bagwell
    I'm a real estate attorney, for the most part people are happy to come into my office. But sometimes there are problems, and when you're dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars and the roof over people's heads then those times with problems are often delicate and sometimes confrontational. This book confirmed my own experiences deescalating situation and taught me some new techniques towards taking a negative situation and turning it into an opportunity to productively problem solve. I also appreciated the conversational style and down to earth point of view; at no point did I feel Mr. Higgs used his superior knowledge and experience to talk down to me.
  • Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer
    This book is needed today in all facets of our lives. Tim made it relatable and teaches one how to handle different personalities in the healthiest way. We all need to learn how to listen and have productive conversations, even we agree to disagree. I'm sure each time you read this, you will pick up something new to add to your thought process. It' s a valuable book to have around at all times. Sherry
  • Maitha J. AlshamsiMaitha J. Alshamsi
    This is a great book. It actually teaches you exactly what you need to do to overcome disappointments, frustrations,anger, overwhelmed and other negative emotion. The book touches on the skills that you need to communicate with others with free and peace environment without stressing out.
    I loved reading this book because it is written in a simple language, clear structure and easy to understand.
  • Benita A. EspositoBenita A. Esposito
    Trust. How do we build it and what tears it down? Tim Higgs does an excellent job of defining five basic components required for trust: authenticity, behavioral elements, consistency, dependability, and ethics. Authenticity is the most important. To develop healthy business and personal relationships, people need to be predictable to us so we can feel safe with them. If the world would read this book and take it to heart, we’d eliminate most of the violence. Thanks, Tim, for contributing your part to create peace on the planet. I recognize you as a fellow comrade. ~ Benita A. Esposito, licensed professional counselor
  • Cathy DomoneyCathy Domoney
    Tim Higgs uses his extensive experience spanning over more than 20 years in effective personal and professional communication in this step by step practical guide on how to become an effective communicator with all. The easy to access sections help you to question whet you are bringing to the conversation and helps you to identify areas that you can modify to achieve the best possible result in effectively communicating your position with others. The outlines of personality types that you may possibly encounter, the reasons that could be behind their approach and how you can respond to get the best result are invaluable in assessing all kinds of interactions. Higgs’ practical, step-by-step approach helps to clarify the processes as you positively navigate through potentially challenging and complicated exchanges. The real-life case studies, checklists and online support sheets make Emotional Judo a comprehensive resource for practical ways on how to communicate more effectively to the benefit of all involved.
  • Karen G.Karen G.
    If we could get everyone in Congress to read Emotional Judo our problems would be solved! Seriously, I found this to be a very insightful book, with a unique way of looking at how people are always trading on the concept of "significance" in their interactions. Lack of significance could probably explain a good deal of what makes kids go on rampages such as at Columbine and Parkland. I personally found the E-A-S-E steps for handling difficult interactions extremely useful!
  • joanna jamesjoanna james
    Fabulous read - a must for everyone.
  • mingming
    Tim's clearly summarized the emotional and tactical elements of communicating with others in a tricky situation. The examples are clear, straightforward, and concise. If you enjoy non-violent communication, you'll love Emotional Judo.
  • Frances O. ThomasFrances O. Thomas
    Simple and clear instructions on the basics of emotional intelligence and communication.
  • Christine M. PierceChristine M. Pierce
    This is well written and organized. It is worth the time to read through and improve your management style. We can all improve and this is a good blueprint for improvement
  • Izabela ChrobakIzabela Chrobak
    I love how this book is written! I love the tools and tips on the communication, especially for me as women saying NO was always an issue or setting up any type of boundaries! GREAT READ!!!
  • Vi StearnsVi Stearns
    Tim Higgs has brought getting along with others to a new level. He correlates Judo with different emotional types of people. He brings out the different personality types. He uses acronyms to help us understand the importance of getting along as well as understanding where the person is coming from in their actions. A very interesting read.
  • KristenKristen

    This book offers great insight into communication habits, styles and skills to be a more effective. I especially enjoyed the examples that carried along throughout the book.

  • happymamahappymama

    This book is an exceptionally helpful guide to improving your own communication and relationship skills. In addition to personal use, the book is also very insightful on how to deal with the emotional needs of others. I enjoyed all of the memory tools, quizzes, charts, and real-life examples that made the principles taught become use-able and memorable. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone as we can all improve in either our own emotional control, or learning how to handle the emotional outbursts of others better.

  • Amanda HoltAmanda Holt

    I love How Tim uses martial arts analogies how 10 uses Tim uses martial arts while describing emotions. Instead of taking things personally and overreacting I can use the tools shared in this book to overcome feeling defensive and shut down. I love how the techniques lead to greater self respect well having a voice and keeping cool.
    People tend to fall into two common ways of responding and difficult conversations. They flee are they flight and create conflict that brings uncomfortable and negative feelings to the forefront. As a result they don’t get their needs or wants met and they feel pushed around and controlled. Tim provides Many case studies illustrating the differences in both of these responses and how to make conversations less difficult I need to manage our emotions as well as the content. We need to boost our emotional intelligence and constructively empathize with others emotions. One must find balance and relation in healthy ways to achieve positive outcomes. He addresses primary needs and how we most likely link relationship with love/connection, but significance has died and needs to be addressed.Conflict also has a strong relationship with significance.

  • VasiliVasili

    A beautifully written book! It is a great invention, to link ideas into one motion from Judo! Now everyone can remember all the stages and repeat this when he starts moving.
    P.S. It was always difficult for me to say No. this book will teach me to look more positively at saying No)

  • Karie Ann DowisKarie Ann Dowis

    Wow! It seems like this book is speaking directly to me. The real life examples within the book resonate with me. In it seems he read my journal.

    Tim Higgs has so many analogies and picture clues to help that immediately helped me understand what EMOTIONAL JUDO was all about.

    Last year I had a “significant and positioning” issue with my assistant in the classroom. If I would have had his book last year, then I would have been able to eliminate the conflict and repercussions from my actions.

    Thank you Tim for providing a way to handle conflict resolution and finding the significance in me again.


  • Joy SephtonJoy Sephton

    This book is very clear and very easy to read, and it’s obvious that Tim is an authority on the subject. As a coach/trainer myself I enjoy the way he’s approached his concepts in bite-sized pieces. He explains things very well, summing them up later as a refresher and going back to them as he expands on the topic. Perfect for the busy person. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to communicate more effectively in any environment, and who wants to start seeing results soon.

  • Scott B. AllanScott B. Allan

    Web all know handling difficult people is something better off avoided...but we can't avoid thee situations forever or they never improve. Worse yet, it turns you into a scaredy cat and you won't develop the mental toughness for handling difficult people or learning to communicate effectively. Emotional Judo is a wake up call to thriving in the workplace and in your personal life. The book has a unique approach to navigating through the emotional "rough waters" of personality types, conflicts, and misunderstandings.

    Emotional Judo is absolutely packed with skills and strategies corporations and individuals can put to use through applying intelligent communication and specific techniques based on his years of research and experience.This book should be used as your go-to guide if you are a manager and looking to create better relationships with the people you are in charge of. Also, for employees in the company, how to deal with difficult co-workers and management is essential to a successful working environment.

    Tim Higgs teaches his best strategies here and has a program that you can start to put to work right away. There is a cheat sheet to summarize the steps and serves as a definitive guide to building workplace interpersonal relationships.

  • Lise CLise C

    Communication is key in any relationship, and this book is packed full of all the communication skills you'll ever need.

    Chapter 5 was my fav. It shares the Emotional Judo rules for effective communication and is really the core of what you need to know to successfully communicate in any relationship.

    I also loved the quotes sprinkled throughout, which set the tone for each chapter. You can't go wrong reading this book!

  • Jill RogersJill Rogers

    This book is packed full of brilliant communication skills. This is a great tool for companies and business of any kind to train employees and leaders! The writer is quite an expert in his field of handling difficult situations. A good book to have on the shelf for reference!

  • Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    As a psych nurse for 25 years, i truly understand the importance of handling conflict correctly. This book is very well written, it does a great job of breaking down Different personality types and ways to handle them or if you are those personalities, how to be more effective! There’s even a cheat cheat to summarize it!!!!

  • JWangJWang

    Emotional Judo is a good read. This book teaches its readers the skills on how to communicate well with others and not be overcome with disappointments, frustrations and other negative emotions one is feeling. It teaches people necessary techniques that will help them communicate their needs, set boundaries and deal with difficult conversations.

  • BridgetBridget

    Conflict is a fact of life. Some people avoid conflict. Some people seem to charge ahead at full speed. But realistically most people do not handle conflict well. The good news is that finding a solution is now at our fingertips. This book is amazing. The steps outlined in the book are very practical and straight-forward. I believe this book will be helpful to everyone that reads it!

  • Tara SchnetzTara Schnetz

    Wow, you can really get a lot out of this book. I was very impressed with the methods and I know there is more to learn as I continue to read into the book. I felt a little stuck at the beginning because it started slow, but the book gets good, valuable and easy to use quickly once you get passed the very beginning. Definitely a good book for dealing with life!

    The author asks some really good questions and gets you thinking early on, but he holds off on the good stuff until later.

    Wow, once you get to section two, things sure start making sense! It gets really difficult to put the book down. You learn and at first you think you will have to go back and read it again later, but the author strategically builds on previous thoughts until it all makes perfect sense. I love it. I wasn't far at all into the book before I added it to my list of future book study texts. I think it would make for some great discussions and lead into some cool stories to help get to know each other better.

    One of my takeaways is to be the inviter even when I am in a position of significance as the author suggests. I want to be careful not to encourage the "uninvited" to stay in their victim status, but to help them stand back up on their own by giving them that invitation.

  • Nina PaulNina Paul

    In Emotional Judo, author Tim Higgs emphasizes a respectful win-win approach to communication solutions, which is why he uses the term judo and not karate (which is more of a kick to one’s opponent). Filled with techniques for developing emotional intelligence in personal and work relationships, I particularly liked the idea of the Emotional Judo mat which has four categories ( gatecrasher, uninvited, inviter, and invited), and is based on the universal need we all have to feel significant. I can immediately use this in a social setting to improve my interactions and help others feel at ease. I plan to dip into this book again as I like to try out one new technique at a time. I can see the information being useful in the workplace and home as most of us could improve our communication skills and learn how to handle difficult people (and try not to be that person ourselves)!

  • Dakini WhispersDakini Whispers

    Equip with the methodology and wisdom of Emotional Judo, you will be able to gracefully negotiate your way through establishing boundaries, identifying if you're being a doormat or a controller, how to say no with ease - and much more...
    In short this book will help you get the results you want from an interaction in a respectful and mutually beneficial way.

    Tim Higgs brings intelligent communication to life by using real-life examples and engaging analogies as well as breaking down the process with specific techniques so these skills are easy to learn and quick to apply.

    Required reading for anyone who manages people, works with people, or interacts with people - and wants to be better at it.