Hybrid Emotional Judo beta test

Emotional Judo® – Influence and Persuasion
Six Part Program – 1.5 hours per week over six weeks

Plus Bonuses

Emotional Judo beta program with bonuses AU$397

Emotional Judo beta program with bonuses AU$230 x 2 payments

If not happy on completion provided all steps are followed.

What our Testimonials Say about us.

Tim’s expertise shines in the classroom, where he is engaging and creates great opportunity for participants to master skills.

Davanh Inthachanh , Director, People and Culture, Seven Network

Tim’s care and absolute professionalism in the programme was critical to the success of this journey. Venturing into the Inner Game was made so much more accessible because of the safe and supportive environment he provided. Absolutely life-changing course! Thank you.

Fee Hosking , NZ Business Owner, Course Participant

Tim is an engaging presenter with a vast knowledge and experience and was able to practically pass that on to leaders through individual and group coaching, team workshop facilitation and leadership training. We also called on his skills to conduct a cultural audit in one area of our organisation resulting in practical steps for improvement and lifted performance. Leaders responded favourably to the initiative, integrating important skills that they could readily apply to have staff take more accountability.

Alison Bolton, General Manager, Employment Relations, Christadelphian Aged Care

Through Tim’s expertise, we have affected a cultural change that has proven very successful, in terms of morale, productivity and employee retention.

Noella Merrick , Human Resources Manager , Phoenix HSL

Tim is a wonderful mentor and teacher. I felt supported, respected with his heart centered approach. Tim’s depth of wisdom from his life and career experience adds an element that makes this program fun, interesting and for me it was also really very effective.

Rachel Garvey WA, Business Owner, Course Participant