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On-line Courses


(under reconstruction)


ALSO CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR…16 people to help beta-test a program for the third Emotional Judo® book – The Inner Game of Emotional Judo®

It starts Early July. Conditions Apply. Contact Tim for details. support@octagonalbase.com. See Below for content.


Beta Testing in Early July – Join us

The Inner Game of Emotional Judo®


A 12 Module Program to Boost your EQ and Leadership Performance


“Research shows convincingly that EQ is more important than IQ in almost every role and many more times important in leadership roles.”
Stephen Covey Author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Who is this for?


• Leaders, Managers, Business Owners, wishing to be more effective with staff and customers
• Individuals seeking greater Self-Confidence
• Individuals seeking greater Self-Control
• Individuals seeking greater resilience




• Boost self-confidence to speak up in the face of intimidation or conflict
• Increase self-awareness to understand your impact on others
• Gain greater self-control to manage your emotional reactions and increase motivation
• Measure your considered strengths and weaknesses against the view of others and gain greater insight into where you can improve
• Move optimistically and resiliently into uncertain or difficult situations
• Build better personal and business relationships
• Make better decisions


Module 1 – Introduction and the Significance Scaffold (A concept from Emotional Judo)


• What do you want and Why?
• What value will that add to your life/business?
• Understanding how you operate in difficult situations


Module 2 – 360゚ Emotional Capital Report Feedback Tool.


• This is a well-researched and developed psychometric tool to measure Emotional Intelligence, used in organisations across the globe
• The tool is valued at AU$1000 with a debrief
• This will give you greater awareness of yourself and the way others perceive you as well as create a benchmark for growth


Module 3 – Self-knowing


• How aware are you of your emotions and behaviour and how they come across to others and build or undermine trust?
• Are you aware of your body language and tone in difficult situations?
• What drives you to behave the way you do?

Module 4 & 5– Confidence


• Capable
• Transportable
• Secondary Gains
• Self-Belief & Esteem
• Permission


Module 6 & 7 Self-Control


• Disciplined & Organised
• Patient
• Rational
• Emotionally balanced
• Secondary Gains


Module 8 – A brief look at the Outer Game: Empathy, Relationship Skills, Straight-forwardness


• Now you know yourself better, lets consider the outward application
• Build more effective and rewarding relationships
• Understand others better


The next three modules are the basis of Resilience.

Module 9 Optimism


• Stay buoyant in challenging circumstances
• Learn strategies to help others move through challenges quicker


Module 10 Self-reliance


• Make better and quicker decisions


Module 11 Adaptability


• Increase flexibility and innovation


Module 12 Self-actualization and where to next?


• Gain greater contentment
• Gain balance
• A plan to continue to build emotional intelligence


CONTACT TIM at support@octagonalbase.com for Ts&Cs and further details

Face to Face Corporate Training


Up to 50% off various titles to June 30, 2020. Deliverable in the new financial year, on line, hybrid or in classroom.


These programs are run within organisations by negotiation. For more information please contact Tim via the Contact Us page.

2 Day Program

Learn the 10 tools from the international best-selling Book Emotional Judo® plus a whole lot more about yourself and how to improve your relationships.

Packed full of action oriented learning aimed at behavior change.

Part 1 Focus on You

1.    Learn the hidden, crucial key to building winning relationships.

2.    Do an online assessment to identify your habits related to this key.

3.    Build capacity to use this key to gain advantage in difficult conversations.

4.    Self-assess the feelings that limit your capacity to manage difficult conversations.

5.    Develop strategies to over-ride these or in certain cases create an ongoing plan to manage the issues.

6.    Assess your workplace relationships through the five aspects of trust and create a plan to improve key relationships.

7.    Build your empathy capacity and not be a soft touch.

Part 2 Focus on Emotional Judo® Skills

1.    Build more trusting relationships through the ABCDE model.

2.    Use EASE to say “no”, set your boundaries, negotiate, and resolve disagreements.

3.    Provide positive and constructive feedback through the U WIN/I WIN framework to invite collaboration, minimize push-back and conflict, and gains win/win outcomes. Improve relationships, productivity and capability as a result.

4.    Be ready for the Sneaky Seven – seven ways that people will try and destabilise your communication

5.    Interrupt the sneaky seven and move to a beneficial outcome with two essential tools

6.    Quickly assess whether now is the right time or situation to speak up.

7.    Deal effectively with a bully or a person who is not respectful of your boundaries.

8.    Effectively call people on their unethical behavior to bring them into line and avoid conflict.

9.    Get very black and white people stuck to their viewpoint to see an alternative.

10. Build stronger relationships with people across generations and cultures.


Because everyone is different, this program is for people who need that little bit of extra help with issues related to anger, fear, lack of confidence, shame, control, or lack of significance. The Outer Game of Emotional Judo® is an outward facing program. Ideally candidates will have done the Outer Game and need some added help in mastering their own emotions that (This can be added into the Outer Game program*)

Packed full of action oriented learning aimed at behavior and emotional change.

1.       Analyse where your sticking points are on the significance scaffold and create personal focus for the program (if not already conceived)

2.       Increase your emotional literacy by balancing the twelve key emotions and identify what feeds your current behaviour

3.       Deconstruct your current view of your capacity to change

4.       Build greater empathy capacity and create strong boundaries

5.       Create strategies to disempower the nasties such as, pessimism, lack of confidence, anxiety, shame, poor self-control and lack of significance

6.       Reconstruct your desired view of yourself

7.       Build motivation and a plan to continue your personal growth beyond the program
(* Naturally, if you combine this program with The Outer Game of Emotional Judo® certain elements will need to be left out)


Managing Difficult Conversations (via Emotional Judo®) is just one of a leader, manager, negotiator or sales-person’s challenges. Getting people on board with your objective, idea, product, or service is a critical skill to develop. Being able to harness intrinsic motivators in staff or those we wish to influence or collaborate with is also a skill that is pivotal to achieving people related outcomes.

Packed full of action oriented learning aimed at behavior and emotional change.

1.       How can one program cover Leaders, Negotiators, and Sellers?

2.       Influence, Persuade or Manipulate?

3.       Heart Centred—What all good leaders know.

4.       Significance Scaffold Revisited – Emotional Golf (yes that’s not a typo)

5.       Harnessing Intrinsic Motivation—Finding Gold in others

6.       Tools to dig for Gold—Empowering others while retaining control

7.       DEAL don’t LEAD: keys to influence and persuasion

8.       The number 1 Leadership skill

9.       Subtle art of re-gaining control

Tim also facilitates the following programs. Details are available on request here.

1.       Brown Belt Skills for New to Middle Managers (2 days)

2.       Black Belt Skills for Senior Managers (1 day)

3.       Brown Belt Presentation Skills – for those who are new to presenting or have issues with nerves (2 days)

4.       Black Belt Presentation Skills – for those who seek mastery (1 day)

5.       Black Belt Coaching Skills for Managers (2 days)

6.       Black Belt Negotiation Skills (1 day)

7.       Think on Your Feet® (2 days)

8.       Engage for Sales (2 days)