Emotional Judo® is a set of 10 Easy to Learn and Memorable Communication Skills.

The tools help you manage your own emotions and the emotions of others in difficult conversations, to know what to say and when. Hence, it helps boost your Emotional Intelligence.

1. Learn the hidden, crucial key to building winning relationships. Do an online assessment to identify your habits related to this key. Use this key to gain advantage in difficult conversations.
2. Assess your relationships through the five aspects of trust to build more trusting relationships.
3. Learn how to say “no”, set your boundaries, negotiate, and resolve disagreements.
4. Bring up difficult subjects in a way that invites collaboration, minimizes push-back and conflict, and gains win/win outcomes.
5. If people do push back, manage that with ease.
6. Quickly assess whether now is the right time or situation to speak up.
7. Deal effectively with a bully or a person who is not respectful of your boundaries.
8. Have courage to call people on their unethical behavior to bring them into line.
9. Get very black and white people stuck to their viewpoint to see an alternative.
10. Build stronger relationships with people across generations and cultures.