| Is Emotional Judo® claiming to boost Emotional Intelligence a scam?
There is not a lot written about Emotional Intelligence in Emotional Judo. But it does work in the four parts that make up Emotional Intelligence.
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Is Emotional Judo® claiming to boost Emotional Intelligence a scam?

Is Emotional Judo® claiming to boost Emotional Intelligence a scam?

Despite the title of my Amazon Best-Selling book, Emotional Judo®: Communication Skills to Handle Difficult Conversations and Boost Emotional Intelligence, there is not a lot written in there about Emotional Intelligence.

Isn’t that misleading people? Is it a scam?

Absolutely not; it’s practical.

Judo in Japanese means “the gentle way”. Its founder, Kano Jigoro sought a way to maximise effectiveness through minimum effort; a smaller opponent with good technique could then beat a larger one.

Working on that principle, I developed Emotional Judo®. It provides you with 10 tools to help you manage difficult conversations, to gain effective outcomes with good technique and less effort.

You don’t need to know how cells respire and muscle is built, for you to get fitter and stronger. You can simply do exercises and lift weights with the right form and repetition and you will become fitter and stronger.

If you master the Emotional Judo® tools, you will become more emotionally intelligent. It’s that simple.

But, it may be useful for you to know…

Emotional Intelligence is generally thought to have four parts:

  • Understanding our own emotions
  • Understanding others’ emotions
  • Managing our own emotions
  • Doing things to emotionally impact others positively

Just like different exercises will work different parts of your body. Different communication and emotion tools and exercises will build the various parts that make up emotional intelligence.

And like physical exercise, the more you do it the easier it gets.

Understanding how you position yourself in relationships through the metaphor of the Emotional Judo® Mats, will help you develop in all four of emotional intelligence.

Building your capacity to empathize will help you not only understand others’ emotions but connect to them to positively impact them.

And of course, to be able to empathize, you need to understand emotion in general – your own included.

These are just two of the ten Emotional Judo® tools.

Check out the book on Amazon. You don’t need a kindle; you can read from any device.

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