| Communication Skills to manage conflict, handle difficult people and build emotional intelligence
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Welcome to Emotional Judo®


Communication Skills to Handle Difficult Conversations and Boost Emotional Intelligence


  • Do you need better communication skills to resolve conflict or deal with difficult situations?
  • Do you want confidence to speak up and set your boundaries?
  • Have you got the poise to control your aggression and bluntness?
  • Do your staff need help with these issues?


This site offers training, courses, coaching and FREE stuff to help you communicate more effectively, gain confidence and self control, and build better relationships, all while you boost your Emotional Intelligence.

GRAB the FREE eBook – Emotional Judo®: 7 Sneaky Tricks of Difficult Conversations. It will help you be prepared for the tricky tactics others might use when stakes are high in difficult conversations. (Just click on the 7 Sneaky Tricks button below.)

Also, check out the blog and subscribe to  make sure you are getting great communication information regularly.

If you would like more assistance with managing negative emotions and developing communication skills to help you speak up or get your message across diplomatically, check out the Inner Game and Outer Game of Emotional Judo® (There is a corporate training option there too.) Or view the various coaching options available under the Coaching tab.

Communication Skills to Build Emotional Intelligence