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About Us


‘Self-help’ authors often come from one or more of three backgrounds: they have been there themselves and found a way through it (demonstrator); they have qualifications or have done extensive research on the topic (discoverer); they have helped others through the issue they are writing on (deliverer).

Tim Higgs has quite an uncommon background of coming from all three areas.

Although he calls himself a Communication, Confidence, Credibility and Command Coach and Facilitator, Tim has a Degree in Business, a Masters in Narrative Psychology and has extensively researched the area of constructive communications.

He has helped thousands of people conquer challenges in their lives, from the communication issues dealt with in this book, to relationship problems, anxiety, depression and self-sabotage.

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Tim has also experienced many of those challenges himself. Seeking a solution to his own challenges was part of the reason for his undertaking further study and changing his career from a sales and marketing professional, to private clinical practice and working in a private hospital as a family therapist. During the last 15 years, Tim has brought his considerable knowledge and experience to corporate facilitation and coaching of people leaders, in many industries, in multiple countries.

Tim lives on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.

Master your ability to communicate effectively